Lead the cloud revolution.

Vend is changing the way retailers do business all over the world. Every day thousands of retailers look to the cloud for more affordable and efficient ways to run their stores. But they need help making the transition.

Partner with Vend to grow your reseller or consulting business with the world’s leading cloud-based point of sale. Receive client referrals, grow new revenue streams, and lead the cloud revolution.

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Earn 20% ongoing commission.

Earn 20% ongoing commission for the lifetime of your active Vend clients.


Charge for your time.

Create new supplementary services and charge for your time and expertise.


Expand your services with product add-ons.

Partner with Vend add-ons to earn additional commission, reach new verticals and reduce client churn.


Benefits for you and your retail clients.

Program Requirements


Experts are required to activate two new Vend accounts each month after the first six months of partnership.


Provide clients with onsite implementation, ongoing support and training. Easily build revenue streams around these services.


The annual program fee covers certification for you and your staff, regular training and your listing in our Expert directory.


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